Hotel Booking Engine

Hotel Booking System is powerful booking engine for single and multiple hotels.

Online Hotel Booking System is powerful booking engine for single and multiple hotels. Powerful hotel reservation system with real time availability and room booking functionality. You can easily integrate with your website. You can manage room, room types, capacity, hotel rates with different date range and month wise advance payment feature. Online reservation manager at the back-end with invoices.


  • We will Integrate Hotel Booking Engine on your website.
  • We will Integrate Payment Gateway on your website.


  • PHP 5.2 or above
  • PHP environment


  • Automated booking engine for single and multiple hotel.
  • Assign unlimited number of room with combination of Room type and capacity.
  • Day Wise (Mon to Sun) price plan entry with regular and different date range.
  • Advance Payment (%) of total amount can be set month wise.
  • Active Booking list with cancellation feature and Booking history list.
  • Payment gateway integrated: CCAvenue: Pay in Arrival, Offline Credit card.
  • After successful booking email notification both hotel owner and customer.

Key Benefits

  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Assign unlimited Room Type. i.e. Deluxe Room, Standard room.
  • Assign unlimited capacity. i.e. Single, Double, family.
  • Very flexible functionality. Fit to very wide range of business.
  • All bookings and settings are stored in your DB. You don't need third party account(s).
  • Sleek and customizable design of calendars, for fitting to your site design.
  • An easy to use Booking Admin Panel that displays bookings in Calendar Overview or Listing Table and lets you manages bookings.

Restaurant Billing Software Features

Search For Rooms:
  • You can search room for the selected date range
  • You can book room number as per your booking request
  • You can add number of Adult(s) and Chiild(s) per room
  • Show Room's Total price, Tax and services fee and the Grand Total Price
Guest and Payment details:
  • Guest can enter their name, address, email deatils here.
  • After adding all details, Guest can go further to view booking Review by clicking on "Make Payemnet" button.
Booking Review:
  • Show the booked room name, number of rooms, and number of Adult(s) and Chiild(s) per room.
  • Show the checkin and checkout dates
  • Show Payable Amount and Grand Total Amount for the rooms selected for number of nights
  • Click on "Continue" for making online payment using Payment Gateway
Admin Panel Login:
  • You can enter your Authentication Details and Add hotels, room, and mange your booking system
  • All bookings and settings are stored in your Admin Panel
View and Add Your Hotel:
  • You can add your hotels.
  • Your can view, Update or delete your hotels
Add Room Price:
  • Select room from dropdown and add Price.
  • You can set price for a week.
  • You can set price for a combination of adult(s) and Child(s).
  • You can set price for CP, MAP and AP food chaining system.
Room avaiability:
  • Show the number of rooms booked in respective dates
  • Show room's availability for next two months
View Invoice:
  • Show all bookings invoice list.
  • You can view and print invoice for particular booking.
Bookings List:
  • Show all bookings.
  • You can change the status for particular booking e.g Pending, Confirmed or Cancelled.
  • You can update and delete particular booking.
Hotel Setting:
  • You can set Payable amount percentage
  • You can set Tax and Services amount and other charhges
  • You can enable or disable CP, MAP and AP food chaining system


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